Sunday, June 7, 2009

so i know we are supposed to have three posts a week....and that would be thirty posts.  this is thirty i do believe. : ) 
over the past few weeks i have learned a lot about the use of photoshop and illustrator.  it was a difficult process, and i still have a million things to learn.  but, hopefully i will have more opportunities to explore the programs so them i can perfect them and use them to their fullest potential. then...maybe i can get really good at it, get an awesome job, and be super duper rich. 
i hope. 
so this is the end. it was a good time while it lasted, but schools out for summer and the living is easy! 
counting down the days til summer....only today. monday. tuesday. then i work at 6 am on wednesday morning. my goodness this will be an awesome week. ha!
but only 1 1/2 more projects and 1 art history final and i am outta here for 3 months...florida here i come!!!!!
today there was a printer dilemma...but then it was fixed!!!! woo! so im in the process of printing everything out, along with trimming up my pieces, then im going to mount them. what an amazing thing to do on such a beautiful day.... : (

Thursday, June 4, 2009

School is almost out and Im ready for summer.  Just a couple more days until everything related to school is over for about three months.  Hopefully, over the summer I can find a photoshop program and practice using it so I can expand my knowledge of the thing and become a master of it.  I am determined to learn how to use everything and make it all look awesome.  
After I fix my series of three, I need to reprint my self portrait in the correct size and while using Illustrator so hopefully the color will be right.  I need to lower the intensity of my logo on my professor portrait project and reprint that one.  My playing card also needs a touch up...everything should come together pretty well.
I finished my threesome and I thought it turned out well, but no one really had anything to say about, which probably means its not too impressive. SO, I'm planning on working on it a little more and trying to add a little extra oomph to it. Obviously, I still dont know everything there is to knows about Photoshop. I still have so much to learn.