Tuesday, June 8, 2010

For my last couple of pages, I did he final steps and then I did another fire thing. I think the text is pretty sassy and has some attitude behind it. Im going to take my boring not sparkly pages home and add some embossing onto them so that they sparkle and shine, and I think it will make it just a little bit better. We shall see how it turns out.

the next three pages are the first steps of the process. I chose to do the fire thing because its really easy to sketch for...they were simple sketches mostly and then the steps are simple, but it looked cool because I could add some cool layout stuff and then also some shimmer. I think that it will be a cue little book because its only going to be like 3by6.
These are the first three pages of my book. I made a title page that will go under my leather cover and it has a water mark type of thing that is behind the title. It is fire. I think it gives it a little something extra. Then it is the tools that you need and then a model of the fire making machine. I think it works pretty well. The only thing I might change is to lighten the sketches