Thursday, April 29, 2010

sooo...the printer will not work, so i need to email evelyn and let her know so that something can be figured out. it seems everyone is SOL.
for my original thoughts for this newsletter...i had nothing. i literally sat here and was like ok...what can i do to look busy so that i dont have to actually think of an idea...and i resorted to oh look theres a fuzzy green book, lets check that out. so, after some playing around in indesign i managed to create a gridlike pattern and i was originally going with the idea of the squares being like people or a neighborhood type of thing, and instead they sort of turned into the motivation for my entire project. i may have gone a little bit overboard with it, but i took it as far as i could...maybe if necessary ill take it back a couple of steps.
i pushed something that changed the font...and im tired and ready to go. soo i dont know how to fix it. but here is the last page of my letter. i feel like despite the randomness of all of the pages, there is definitely a format i tried to follow. i tried to align everything with another something and the colors are supposed to sort of reflect each other. towards the final point of my exhaustion things may have gotten a little off. oops. i might have to revisit this one.

here are pages 2 and 3 of he letter. again I continued the geometric motif. I feel like it looks like new years eve with a ton of confetti or something. hmm
Here is my title page for my news letter. I worked on making the design very geometric and fun. I feel like the squares really add to it and give you a lot to look at without making it too busy. Im going to try to attach the rest of my pages we go.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

For the final part of the project, I changed it from a person to a big giant "U". The person was a little to farfetched based on my abilities, and other things. The "U" connects to you, as a person, is more attention grabbing, and it also goes along with the whole Otterbein is becoming a university thing. So, for the most part I think it works pretty well. I used three different types of supplies, pencils and pastels, clay supplies, and painting supplies.

Monday, April 12, 2010

For my first attempt at this project, I used pencil shavings and ground up pastels to create a lady. She is friendly and happy looking! Exactly what Otterbein likes to convey. The tag-line I decided upon for now is We provide the tools to create a more dynamic you. I don't love it, but I do think it is coming along from my first ideas for copy. Now onto the other ones.

Friday, April 9, 2010

For our next project, we are doing an advertisement for either an Amish Furniture company, a local Farmer's Market, or Otterbein Art Department. We have to do a set of 3 different ads for one of the 3 clients. For the Amish furniture one, I went with handmade furniture and I was going to make the furniture out of fingerprints, like the builder left their imprint on the furniture. Another idea I had for that one was to create the furniture within three different parts of an Amish a rocking chair in his beard, or a bench in his hat. For the Farmer's Market, I was going to go for the whole home grown kind of thing as far as their produce goes...and I was going to create different things related to home out of fruits/veggies. From there, I went to creating a heart, brain and a hand out of produce. Not quite working for me. For the Otterbein Art Department, I decided to go with something along the lines of "we give you the tools to shape/create/form/build? a better you". I need to think of the exact phrasing that I'm going to go with....but the imagery, is going to be 3 people created out of different tools that are used in 3 different types of art. For example, paint brushes for one, sculpting supplies for another and pencils/charcoal for the third. Im thinking ill stick with that idea and see where I can take it.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

For my final project, I decided to go with something that creates/forms people/things/organisms.  I found some chemical equations of molecules, and thought, well molecules create things.  So, I formed a little equation for my design, and included some common symbols from least thats what google showed me. Im not a huge chemist.  After talking to Evelyn about it, she mentioned that it isnt very universal and fitting for a lot of different types of people, because it strictly relates to chemistry.  After looking over my thumbnails, I decided to create a very simple, bold design that is strictly block text.  There isnt very much to it, and i dont even think I can create a BS reason why it relates to the day, but I think its simplicity is powerful.  Anyway, hopefully this project will inspire me to be a little more creative after a quarter without any vis comm. Only time will tell.