Monday, May 4, 2009

For our next project we have to design a playing card that could go into a deck.  My idea for it is to create the realistic version of the suits, and then play off of that.  For example, if this was a full deck of cards, diamond would be a big, sparkly diamond, heart, an organ that pumps blood, club, a golf club, and spade, a little mini shovel thing.  Then i would create styles that went along with those the diamond would be classy and fancy looking. I think a fun spinoff for it would be to make the king and queen relate to that theme.  The king could be a farmer with the spade, and the queen so could be a cute little house wife....something that falls into the little theme.  So this should be interesting.  Maybe if i get really motivated I could actually make the whole deck....maybe. 

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