Saturday, April 3, 2010

For my final project, I decided to go with something that creates/forms people/things/organisms.  I found some chemical equations of molecules, and thought, well molecules create things.  So, I formed a little equation for my design, and included some common symbols from least thats what google showed me. Im not a huge chemist.  After talking to Evelyn about it, she mentioned that it isnt very universal and fitting for a lot of different types of people, because it strictly relates to chemistry.  After looking over my thumbnails, I decided to create a very simple, bold design that is strictly block text.  There isnt very much to it, and i dont even think I can create a BS reason why it relates to the day, but I think its simplicity is powerful.  Anyway, hopefully this project will inspire me to be a little more creative after a quarter without any vis comm. Only time will tell.

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