Friday, April 9, 2010

For our next project, we are doing an advertisement for either an Amish Furniture company, a local Farmer's Market, or Otterbein Art Department. We have to do a set of 3 different ads for one of the 3 clients. For the Amish furniture one, I went with handmade furniture and I was going to make the furniture out of fingerprints, like the builder left their imprint on the furniture. Another idea I had for that one was to create the furniture within three different parts of an Amish a rocking chair in his beard, or a bench in his hat. For the Farmer's Market, I was going to go for the whole home grown kind of thing as far as their produce goes...and I was going to create different things related to home out of fruits/veggies. From there, I went to creating a heart, brain and a hand out of produce. Not quite working for me. For the Otterbein Art Department, I decided to go with something along the lines of "we give you the tools to shape/create/form/build? a better you". I need to think of the exact phrasing that I'm going to go with....but the imagery, is going to be 3 people created out of different tools that are used in 3 different types of art. For example, paint brushes for one, sculpting supplies for another and pencils/charcoal for the third. Im thinking ill stick with that idea and see where I can take it.

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